If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for contractors or “do-it-yourselfer” in your family, Porter-Cable NS150C is a great choice! The NS150C has everything you are looking for in a pneumatic staple gun: reliability, flexibility, ease of use, and affordable!

The NS150C built according to the strictest quality standards that you’ve come to expect with any Porter-Cable products; it is powerful and flexible enough to be used by professional contractors, and it also features an intuitive design that makes it easy enough to use that anyone can open the box and there is the right to work!


Basic Product Overview

The Porter-Cable NS150C a stylish magnesium body and make sure it is both durable and lightweight. The NS150C 5 weighs in at just under a pound, and has a compact size of 9.9 x 2.6 x 10.3 inches. Stapler with soft rubber grip for comfort and outstanding safety, and you will never have to worry about scratching up a work surface again, because the stapler is equipped with a high tip cellular rubber that will protect delicate surfaces. And if you need to keep your stapler handy while you’re standing on a ladder, roof, or scaffold, the product is equipped with a hook detachable tool belt.

The operating pressure NS150C standard of 70-120 PSI, and drives 18 gauge staples with a 1/4-inch crown from 1/2 inch to the length 1-1 / 2-inch, with a magazine capacity of 100 major media. For the ultimate in flexibility, stapler also gives you the ability to adjust the depth of weak drive without using any special tools or keys! And if you ever run out of staples at a critical juncture, where it is not convenient to reload, you’ll be happy to know that NS150C is equipped with a window just so you will always always know ahead of time when it is time to reload!

The registered NC150C industry-leading performance, and customers report driving thousands of wage types without encountering any interference problems. If you’ve never had a jam, broken nose innovative design will help you remove them immediately and let you get back to work immediately.

Another problem with the old model of pneumatic staple gun is positioned exhaust, but there NC150C rear exhaust to keep contaminants away from workers. You’ll also never have to worry about blowback if you find yourself driving clamp from an unusual location!

Most importantly, NC150C is durable, and practical maintenance-free! Each stapler comes with a tough and durable blade driver, and a maintenance-free motors without the need to be lubricated. With Porter-Cable products, you can buy with confidence, and desire your product to work for decades!

Each set includes a stapler NC150C, 1/4 “fitting, a starter kit of staples, the brand’s owner, and a lightweight 13” x 13 “x 4” blow molded containers .


Whether you’re shopping for a professional contractor, an artisan households, or something in between, the Porter-Cable NS150C stand tall in customer satisfaction, and is an excellent and cost affordable pneumatic staple gun is perfect for both commercial contractors and home repair projects.

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