In terms of affordability, balanced with reliability, and quality of food for a pneumatic gun wrapped, nothing out there quite like Freeman PFWS Professional Fine Wire Staples. Buyers looking for very high quality blended with affordability will find this model outstanding performance. This model comes with an ergonomically designed grip, for a comfortable but also protect your health, and have a key so you can reach places major difficulty.

Freeman PFWS 20 Professional Fine Wire Stapler measurement is perfect for:

  • Professional-Grade Upholstery
  • Re-Upholstery DIY
  • insulation
  • Felt Roofing
  • Make
  • Build

With the power and ease of Freeman, you will find yourself seeing your home in new ways, with new strength to the fabric essential to any piece of furniture you own, you can fun while easily redesign the entire place.

Here are the pros and cons of Freeman PFWS when compared to other major upholstery guns out there:


It is not difficult to realize the benefits of a PFWS Freeman. Some of the reasons most often cited for purchase are:

  • Affordability
  • Highest quality
  • Extend the life of performance
  • Comfort during use

Every weakness that perfect shot gone in. Unlike other lighter models out there, there is little-to-no shock when you fire a weak, so you maximize your accuracy in placing the staples. model higher shock lighter weight requires a larger body to absorb the kick and stay accurate. So if you weigh less than 170 pounds, you will definitely want this.

Like most such Freeman staple gun has a safety on the nose, which is to protect us. It’s better to have this feature than risk the health of themselves or the people around us, and that’s a good reason why the latter was included by engineers in the design. If you’re a gearhead, and that it bothers you, no one will trouble you if you disable this safety feature. Just be sure to exercise even more caution moving forward!

Overall, Freeman is the best option available objective. From the dining room chair to a sofa, or insulation, for roofing, flooring, this is your choice to go to. You’ll get professional-level results, and you will be spending a little cash to get there.

Finally, the biggest “Pro” for Freeman is worth. That model is the most affordable offer professional quality and reliability levels.


If you are going around to the local hardware store in your area, you can search for empty hands staples for PFWS Freeman. Trapped in this step is like being stuck in purgatory because you can not complete the project, you start. Therefore, it is important to know the staples to get this gun – Arrow Fastener T50 genuine 506 staples 3/8-inch. They come in packs of 1,250 staples each, which should cost about $ 5 or less.

Freeman PFWS is most suitable for DIY projects and services covering commercial-grade, so long as you can read and stick to the instructions, you will love Freeman.

Pneumatic staple gun do make noise for compressed air, so it is good to be aware ahead of time.


Finally, there is no doubt Freeman is a great addition to any tool chest for home repair projects, whether or not you had a major gun. As easy and powerful as Freeman is, you will be looking at your house with new eyes, ready to transform your living space with creativity and inspiration.

Also, a great gift idea, friends and loved ones will thank you for years to come, since Freeman PFWS comes with a manufacturer warranty 7 years (and when used properly , should run much longer than 7 years).

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