PORTER-CABLE C1010 Heavy-Duty 1-Gallon Trim Compressor Review

PORTER CABLE C1010 is a lightweight compressor create and design cutting incredible for home improvement projects and commercial sites. It has gained a lot of support for people who love DIY home projects, and it is a unique tool that is light on the heavy duty outside but inside.

I tried to stick to a budget when doing some home remodeling projects. I realize the importance of keeping my house updated with modern design and contemporary, so I can resell it at a value at any time is very high, I want to move out. I focus on the upgrading of the bathrooms, basement, living room, bedroom and a living at a time, and prudent and practical step has made me realize the importance of buying the tools DIY. I found out about the PORTER-CABLE C1010, and I never suspected its features, because a lot of positive reviews that it was earned online. I have had experience working on different stuff, and I could detect a jewel from a group of no more than precious stones.

Ultimately the performance and reliability


When buying a trim compressor, it is to focus on the performance and reliability of it. Otherwise, you will just be wasting a lot of money and time invested in a useless product and buy other brands.

How PORTER-CABLE C1010 executed when needed? With its light texture, it is surprising to work hard to finish a basement remodel. It can release pressure to drive around ten to twenty nails before recharging or refilling it. In just two days, I was able to finish remodeling the bathroom. Our bathroom was quite small, but it has been made new elegant and after installation of some items such as vanity tops, mirrors and small cabinets.

This product is also directed to fill automobile tires. Just imagine the amount of money, time and effort saving people from choosing to use this device instead of going to a gas station to do the job. It is a tool that is sure to be reliable, may be kept in a convenient garage, and can produce irrefutable performance and ultimately for ideas for home improvement and car and bicycle tires.

The features and specifications Porter-Cable C1010

  • This product has a low as 71 decibels to promote quiet working environment while completely DIY and professional or commercial construction and repair tasks.
  • It can provide up to 0.75 SCFM at 90 PSI, so it is very functional and a lot of additional tools such as staplers storey main pneumatic nail gun, etc.
  • It has an oil-free pump which is quite different and advantages compared to other products and the brand vulnerable to oil leakage or spill.
  • Quick charger with average product per gallon and 135 PSI maximum ability.
  • It weighs 23 pounds and stands at 9 inches in height, which makes it very easy to make from a different house or from a garage to a different area.
  • Pumps with high durability and maintenance-free to ensure the reliability and quality for years to come.

Porter Cable C1010 Reviews and Scores

This product has attracted over a hundred reviews, and it achieved a high score of 4.0 stars in the highest.

Most of Amazon‘s customer reviews are positive and helpful, and one customer was quoted saying, “This brand is the best. I’ve got my business to customize and install doors cast in more thirty years ago, and I’ve spent a lot of air compressors on the market. This is a really different and very quiet. ”

One customer said, “I bought this air compressor is a mobile option, and I liked it immediately. It is small, light, and quiet. I can recommend this to others for decoration, small projects, and to have it around the house. I think that this product will work well for a very long time. “

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