How to Use a Portable Air Compressor


An air compressor in the air at atmospheric pressure and deliver it at a higher pressure. This compressed air is used to power small tools and tires fill. Portable air compressors are easy to move from one place to another, and use the air compressor tools for rapid connection mechanism makes changing from another tool quickly. Although the air compressor is quite easy to operate, you have to follow certain procedures to avoid serious injury.

Locate the portable air compressor near a power outlet, and at least 12 inches away from walls or other obstacles. Do not entry.

Set / Auto / Off lever in position On “Off”. Turn it all the way backwards.

Attach your pipe and fittings to the air compressor. On / Auto / Off lever to the On position “On”. Allow the air compressor to run until the tank is fully pressurized; it will automatically turn off.

Grasp the knob and turn it clockwise until it reaches the desired pressure. The air compressor will cycle on and off when you use your air tool to maintain pressure exhaust gas that you set up with authorities.

On / Auto / Off lever to the On position “Off” once you have completed the tool using your gas. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Allow it to drain completely.

Disconnect the air hose and your accessories. Unplug and store your air compressor to use in the future.

Tips & Warnings

Store your air compressor in a warm location when not using it. Storing it in a cold location makes start-up harder on the motor.

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