BOSTITCH N89C-1 Coil Framing Nailer Review


The Bostitch N89C-1 coil framing nailer reviews reduce the risk of false nails nail or jam shot. It is tough and strong and runs easily on any pressure limits.

It is the most compact and flexible is an extraordinary person. It is built in a way that has not been much refilling request.

Think of any task and nail just the right size to use nails with a thickness of perfect legs. You will never have to complain brace. Recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable gun.

Enabling more will go a long way in the transformation from a sequential gun to fire a single gun. Even if you do not check out this nail or let it be without any maintenance, it will stay good. Build a barn will be made an easy affair as nails Bostitch all, wondering gun.

It will certainly not be an exaggeration to say that it is the best air rifle in the world. That is probably the main reason why it has managed four and a half star rating. To have a great experience nail gun, nothing could be more dark than Bostitch N89C-1. The framing nailer worth four and a half star rating it has.

Features of Bostitch N89C-1

This Bostitch N89C-1 consists of a framing nailer coil nails with an exhaust air can be adjusted according to your usage.

If you want to set the necessary foundation to a depth, there is a button with a depth guide can be adjusted according to demand. There are brilliant to wear protective abrasive surface does not get damaged.

Specifications: Bostitch nail comes in 18.1 x 16.1 dimensions x 6.5 inches. Weight is 9.5 pounds net weight of the nails was prohibited shipping.


  • It is light in weight.
  • Good power to capture make it a reliable export them.
  • The depth adjustment is very easy.
  • Classes reliable contractors.
  • It can hold 300 nail.
  • Rafter hook can be adjusted according to your choice.
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty on tools and a year on the compressor.


  • You can not nail a narrow angle flange by two that stick out the sides.
  • It is very large and heavy objects should be nailed close an issue.
  • Smaller teeth.
  • Rafter hook is made from plastic, so it does not last for a long time.
  • Coil nails are easily damaged if not handled well.
  • These tips are very wide and nailed thick.
  • When it is used in applications that snapshot, it failed to establish all the nails.
  • Rotation in the box is hampered by the coil shorter nails.

Bostitch N89C-1 coil nail framing nailer is designed in such a way that it reflects the strength and power. Whether you are looking for a framing nailer to apply a cover, fences or bridges, this nail is just perfect for you.

It can even be used for construction, trusses, wooden pallet and packaging or with surface applications. Replace traditional nail supported immediately and go to the Bostitch nailer.

It will certainly guarantee you a lot of energy and efficiency. It may also take more abuse and insult.

How to nail guns pushed out to your work piece with the help of the piston is simply amazing. Make sure your pipes do not contain too much moisture.

This can lead to poor performance of other framing nailers this wonderful nails. Do not worry even if you have to shoot thousands of nails in a day. The Bostitch N89C-1 will do it for you.

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