How to Repair a Porter Cable Framing Nail Gun


Repairing Porter Cable framing nailer is a difficult task that is very simple when you are provided with a parts diagram exploded shows how the framing nailer is assembled nail. See a visual aid for your label also shows how all the parts are assembled, and the order, will not only help you identify the parts broken or damaged, it will also help you to identify the parts that you have to order from the manufacturer to complete the repairs. Repairs are often necessary in a region called the office where all the action takes place.

Disconnect the framing nailer from the air supply hose, and allow all air pressure in the cylinder to escape the fast connection on the back end of the nail grip.

Remove the lid four cylinder bolts attach the cap to the cylinder head using the hex wrench. Leave the lid and parts connected to the cap assembly, and set them aside on a rag or paper towel on the desk.

Begin to remove the contents of the cylindrical portion of the piece until the debris or damaged within. The contents of the cylinder includes rubber o-ring that wear out after prolonged use. O-ring may be pitted or worn, and when this happens, they will not create air tight seal needed to allow the framing nailer to operate correctly. Check the condition of each o-ring when you remove them from the cylinder. If they are damaged, putting new parts from Porter Cable nail before reinserting the framing nailer.

Look through each section you removed from the framing nailer to check nail damage. Identify other damaged parts on the parts list has exploded and ordered them from Porter Cable.

Replace damaged parts as they arrive. It will take a few days for your order to, and during that time you can forget how all the parts back together. If the parts are not assembled correctly, the framing nailer will not work correctly, if at all. Reference list of parts exploded to make sure each part is reinstalled correctly.

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