How to Repair a Bostitch Framing Nailer

Air tools to work the light of the work that used to take years to learn. A framing nailer can cut the jobs of crude in the framing nailer, from a single room or small garden, to an entire house in half. Bostitch nail gun, made and sold by the hardware giant Stanley, reduce jobs for carpenters professional and amateur alike. The most common problem with most nailers, Bostitch, too, there is no gas leak caused by the recession O rings, seals and valves activated.


Replacing O Rings

Remove the four screws holding the cover on the back of the nail through the framing nailer, just above the handle. Use an allen key to remove the screw, turn them counterclockwise. Lift the rear of the nail.

Pull the piston cylinder from the gun. This appears to be a white plastic disc, just inside the back of the nail gun. Use a small flat screwdriver to lever it if you need to and then get behind it, pull firmly to remove the plunger from the chamber.

Check the O ring to deteriorate. If any of the ring O has signs of wear, replace all. O ring is, the black circular spacers mounted around the cylinder piston. Depending on the type of your nails, there will be one or two in the rear of the cylinder and one or two in the front. The kit also comes with a flat rubber washer in line with the front of the office. Replace washers as well.

Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of air tool oil Bostitch per round O and rubber rings and installing them on average at the same location as the original. Location may vary from model to model. Consultants maintenance manual for more details.

Insert the plunger into the back of the tool and reinstall the cover vents, flow four screws back into the body of eminent persons. Tighten them with allen key.

Replacing the Trigger Valve

Using a small metal ball peen hammer and punch to move the legs hold the trigger in the gun coil. One is located directly behind the trigger, the second is the final roll directly on the trigger pin, toward the handle. Set of legs to the other side, until the trigger is loose, and pull the trigger from the nails. Leave pin into the hole for reuse.

Pry off valve assembly, which is a green vinyl or white will be seen at the top of the handle once the trigger is removed. Use a small screwdriver to pry it out.

Use a cotton swab to apply air tool oil to the O ring on assembly of valve replacement. Slide it into the hole, aligning the notch on the external environment with the roll pin. Click legs rolled back into place with a hammer and punch, slow performance with light taps to avoid bending pin.

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